What Web Designers Can Learn From YouTube Video Editing

Taken from: https://unsplash.com/photos/4QmSdCP4bhM 

Today, the popularity of web design is increasing dramatically, and people use different sources to enhance their skills. You can find lots of useful materials on the Internet, including books, articles, tutorials, blogs, and more. 

But many are not aware that YouTube is a useful source of information for web designers not only due to a variety of design channels. YouTube video editing can teach you a lot about web design. Let’s find out more about how to enrich your web design knowledge with video editing. 

Why Web Designers Should Learn From YouTube Video Editing

YouTube is a vibrant social media with millions of daily users who watch videos for a billion hours. The YouTube statistics are impressive showing that this place unites many talented creators successfully attracting the audience. 

Everyone can find something useful on YouTube and the process of video making can assist a lot in understanding web design. Besides, it can help designers to get inspiration on how to experiment with images and patterns to attract the viewers’ attention. 

Taken from: https://unsplash.com/photos/EhTcC9sYXsw 

What to Learn From Video Editing 

Web designers should have composition skills, know color theory, Content Management Systems, UX, UI, and plenty of other hard and soft skills. Let’s look at several aspects of YouTube video editing that can be a source of useful information for them.

Elements Importance Hierarchy 

A well-edited YouTube video cut from one scene to the next fast and smoothly. The fluidity of scene transitions ensures a positive viewer experience. Putting a sharp shot requires a following languid shot with a distant subject and background music. Web design requires a similar approach as the central image or text attracts the main attention while background features do not bear any crucial data. 

Sequencing Practice

A traditional sequencing practice with a descending importance order works but does not impress. Experimenting with the sequence can give a unique user experience. Web designers can influence viewers’ eye movements. When designing the website, you can take a multi-layered approach. However, a minimalistic web design with one focal importance level looks original and engaging. Define the website purpose and form your web-design patterns; for example, online store sites do not look good with one focal level. 

Image Editing

Using a photo video maker for YouTube video editing requires good knowledge of processing images. Once you master photo editing, it can significantly assist you during web designing. You will know well about adding filters, animated transitions, and titles. Generating visually appealing content is vital for YouTube creators, and web designers can benefit from it a lot. 

CRO Tools

Conversion rate optimization helps to structure a site in a way that boosts conversion. An attractive layout is not enough for enticing users. People should clearly understand the purpose of the site and act. The same situation is with video editing, as without a CTA, a video will have no value, just an aesthetic piece of content. You smoothly lead a visitor from one page to the other so that people get encouraged to navigate your website and explore more. 

List of YouTube Channels for Web Designers 

Look at the list of the best channels on youtube that can be useful for your web designing career:

  • DesignCourse channel by Gary Simon
  • Will Paterson’s channel
  • The LearnCode.academy channel
  • Derek Banas’ channel
  • Brad Hussey’s channel

You can find more informative channels by well-educated bloggers on YouTube, so do not stand still and move towards success. 


As you can see, YouTube video editing can help web designers a lot in the understanding hierarchy, sequencing, photo editing, and CRO. YouTube videos engage the audience worldwide, and web designers can learn a lot from the video editing practice. Acquiring new skills will help you achieve success.