Walk-in tubs: 3 signs you need one

Chicago Walk-in tub

Spa-like features prevent medical emergencies and massage your muscles – two important aspects of maintaining good health.

In order to ensure your health and safety, you may be willing to pay more for big-ticket items like bathtubs.

Seniors who have mobility issues or other concerns about showers or standard tubs may want to consider a walk-in tub. Watertight doors on walk-in tubs allow consumers to easily enter the tub and sit down.

Depending on the type of tub, features (hydromassage, specialty jets, two seats, etc.) and installation, walk-in tubs vary in cost. You can find walk-in tubs for as little as $2,000 or luxury tubs with a variety of special features for as much as $20,000.

If you’re in need of a tub (or someone you care about), don’t let the cost deter you. You can lower the costs and still get the tub you want by taking advantage of several options and discounts. Now is the time to get started with a free quote from Fox Valley Home Services.

Here are three signs that a walk-in tub might be right for you

Having a low step, seats, and whirlpool jets in an easily accessible bathtub may sound luxurious, but millions of people need it. There are several valid reasons to consider a walk-in tub if you are already considering it.

Here are three other reasons why you might need a walk-in tub.

  1. Safety is a concern for you
  2. Muscle or pain relief is what you need
  3. Comfort is important to you

Safety is a concern for you

A walk-in tub provides peace of mind if you have mobility issues or are concerned about falling. Wheelchair-accessible walk-in tubs are also available from Fox Valley Home Services.

A walk-in tub is easy to access and comes with safety features to prevent falls – a crucial feature given the high rate of falls among U.S. seniors. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls suffered by older adults (age 65 and up) cost $50 billion in medical costs each year. Medicare and Medicaid help cover some of these costs.

On its website, Ella’s Bubble’s, a manufacturer of walk-in tubs, describes its high-tech safety features.

The extra-wide door, ultra-low step-in, and easy-grip handrails were designed by Ella’s Bubble’s to keep you safe. The company notes that our 3″ step-in is among the lowest on the market, and the Fast Drain Technology allows the bath to drain more efficiently, ensuring a safe exit every time you bathe.”

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Muscle or pain relief is what you need

Besides safety features like easy-grip handrails and an extra wide door, walk-in tubs can also feature therapeutic and spa-like features.

Fox Valley Home Services, for instance, offers heated bathtubs, massaging air jets, and hydrotherapy whirlpool jets that “rejuvenate your entire body.”

With a heated backrest that keeps you warm throughout the soak, and whirlpool jets that massage your spine, calves, and feet, you can experience hydrotherapy for physical wellness. The walk-in tub available at Fox Valley Home Services in Chicago offers a soothing experience that leaves you feeling refreshed and energized.

If you suffer from certain medical conditions, some of these special features may be worth it.

The CDC explains online that “hydrotherapy uses water to soothe pain and treat certain medical conditions,” adding that “people with medical conditions, such as burns, septic ulcers, lesions, amputations, and arthritis, may benefit from sitting in warm water.”

Make sure you compare tub types and determine your budget.

Comfort is a priority to you

In addition to preventing medical emergencies, you can massage your muscles, which is essential for maintaining good health.

In addition to the whirlpool jets, walk-in tubs feature a hand shower, fast drain, and extra-wide seat.

In general, walk-in tubs are more comfortable than standard tubs, which are difficult to enter and exit. Additionally, it allows you to maintain your independence.

Find out what features you can add to your walk-in tub.