How to keep that A/C cool and running in the hot summer months

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We visit with a service tech from Laney’s to see how you can keep your A/C performing, and what benefits can come out of it other than cool air.

As many living in our region already know, we deal with the extreme cold and, in the summertime, extreme heat. The last thing anyone wants is that extreme heat following them inside their home.

WDAY News talked to Thomas Ranking, a service technician for Laney’s Plumbing and Heating to find out how to keep a home’s air conditioner running smoothly. He says tuning up the unit, or at least getting it looked at every year or two, will not only keep things cool but can prevent a whole list of problems.

“You clean the coils, those get dirty here with all the cottonwoods in town and stuff. You know, things freeze up when we’re low on refrigerant. You could have a big old water mess downstairs by your basement,” Ranking said.

Cleaning the coils and making sure there are no leaks will not only keep the air conditioner happy and healthy, it will also cut down on a home’s electric bill, he said.

“It’s going to amp up, it’s going to draw more amps. It’s just gonna overwork, it’s gonna suck up that electricity a lot more than it would if everything was cleaned and tuned up,” he said.

If your air conditioner has acted a little funny or if you are unable to clean those coils yourself with a brush and some water, Ranking said, you’ll want to reach out to your local technician soon. Just don’t be surprised if you call around and find there’s a bit of a wait.

“Oh, we’re busy. We’re slammed. We got a lot of calls. The summertime is a sucker sometimes, but hang in there. We’ll get to ya,” Ranking said.

Another good tip he offered to tell if a unit is clogged or has a leak is if it “sounds like a jet engine”.