Hailey Bieber poses naked in a bathtub for a skincare line in new photos

Hailey Bieber poses naked in a bathtub

In a new photoshoot, Hailey Bieber posed completely naked in a bathtub.

Her beauty line, Rhode, has been promoting new products with a slew of sexy pics.

For her latest advertisement, she posed naked in a bathtub

Hailey bared all in a snap shared on the brand’s Instagram page over the weekend.

She gazed at the ground with her short hair slicked back.

With mountains and some greenery behind her, the 26-year-old appeared on a cliff.

Across the top of the image was the word “Rhode,” indicating her beauty company.

Their caption teased the upcoming release of Glazing Milk, a ceramide facial, and encouraged followers to sign up.

Kylie Jenner, 25, also shared a picture of the unpackaged bottle of the product last week.

Also included was a dessert wrapped inside the box and a steamy photo of Hailey wearing barely anything but a white thong.

Hailey Bieber poses naked in a bathtub